NuoDB + Temenos and the Future of Banking

Temenos partners with NuoDB to deliver banking applications on modern, cloud-native architecture to enable banks to scale on-demand, benefit from operational efficiencies, and significantly lower infrastructure costs.

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NuoDB & Temenos

Together We Can...

  1. Deploy Modern Technology
    With active-active configurations, cloud-native capabilities, data residency compliance, and cloud-agnostic freedom, you can deliver continuously available applications on any cloud. 
  2. Empower Your Bank, Anywhere
    By adding next-generation cloud capabilities and NuoDB’s distributed SQL database to Temenos’ suite of banking software, you can move from on-prem to any cloud, and deploy in hybrid and multi-cloud environments 
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"Our partnership with NuoDB is strategic and strengthens our commitment to ensuring that our banking clients running Temenos software benefit from scale-out simplicity, elasticity and continuous availability and that they can ultimately maximize the benefits of their shift to the cloud.”

- Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos

Now you can… 

  • Use technology partners who enable an on-ramp to the cloud, so you can move at your own pace
  • Reduce total cost of ownership up to 90% with solutions that scale on demand
  • Deploy applications using microservices and containers, and run on any cloud
  • Be prepared for evolving regulatory requirements by selecting solutions that run in any cloud and across multiple clouds
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