Choose the Right Database for Your Deployment

Is a distributed SQL database right for you? Compare database options to select one that meets your needs for scalability, availability, consistency, and flexibility

database comparison

Compare databases based on these three key considerations:

Consideration 1

What kind of data management do you need?

Specialized operational workloads require databases optimized for narrow requirements such as specialized data models (time-series), computational models (scientific), packaging (embedded), or relaxed durability guarantees (in-memory), or application-specific (such as geographic information systems).

Consideration 2

Do your applications require consistency and ACID guarantees? 

If your application relies on consistent, stateful information - such as financial transactions - you need strict consistency and ACID guarantees. For an Internet of Things application, a NoSQL database that prioritizes unstructured data processing and scale out may be the better option.

Consideration 3

What are your growth and availability requirements?

Does your application have steady usage so that a pre-provisioned database server can be optimized? Or do you want to scale out and back in to accommodate fluctuating usage patterns or for expected growth so that you only pay for needed resources? Can your SLAs support outages for failover or do you need better availability?

database comparison flow

Meet modern customer demands while maintaining data integrity for mission critical applications, so you can: 

  1. Build new and transition existing mission-critical SQL applications 
  2. Scale out on demand to meet the needs of high frequency OLTP workloads
  3. Deploy on premises, in private and public clouds, in hybrid environments, and across multiple clouds
  4. Deploy modern architectures that can adapt and enable compliance with evolving regulations
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