NuoDB and SQL Consistency

Managing Consistency & ACID Transactions

In a distributed environment, conflicting transactions come in non-stop. NuoDB provides SQL consistency while delivering the performance you need in a distributed database.

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Is Your Data Consistent & Available?

  1. ACID transactions
    Maintain ACID compliance while scaling on demand in a distributed environment
  2. Transactional consistency
    Don’t rely on your programmers to maintain data consistency; ensure your critical data is correct by leveraging a database that provides data consistency 
  3. Deploy mission critical applications
    Run critical workloads in a distributed setting while maintaining consistency
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"NuoDB is at the forefront of a wave of SQL database innovation, providing customers such as ourselves with the flexible, scalable database foundation we need to keep pace with the demands of today’s business environment."

- Dassault Systèmes 

How does SQL consistency help you?

  1. Manage data consistency without adding application complexity and complicated, error-prone application code as required by distributed eventually consistent databases.
  2. Minimize the risk of migrating existing SQL applications to a distributed NoSQL database without a significant application rewrite.
  3. Gain active-active benefits as part of the database, eliminating the need for additional software.
  4. Read AND write from multiple hosts while maintaining SQL consistency across multiple nodes. 
  5. Get guaranteed atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability for your mission-critical applications in the cloud.

How does NuoDB deliver the SQL consistency you need?

NuoDB uses a peer-to-peer architecture that delivers in-memory speeds, continuous availability, and on demand scalability. The database consists of three layers, each of which scale independently to meet demand 

  • Transaction Engines (TEs): A distributed in-memory, transaction processing layer that places data close to the application or the users. This allows the application to naturally build up in-memory caches of frequently-accessed data in the location where it is needed most.
  • Storage Managers (SMs): A distributed storage layer that collaborates with TEs to provide durability guarantees with high read/write throughput, ensuring data availability for HA and DR protection.
  • NuoDB Admin: A distributed layer that manages the distributed database resources, database lifecycle, and database state transitions.
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