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To maintain application responsiveness and availability, you need to architect to scale on demand.

scale on-demand
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With a distributed SQL database, you can… 

  1. Deliver an always-on and available application running on a distributed SQL database. Your applications remain online even during upgrades and any failure event with built in resiliency.

  2. Scale your business based on demand, not database limitations. Scale out to meet application peaks without migrating the database to a larger server or requiring application re-writes.

  3. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by matching resources with demand. Eliminate pre-provisioning by scaling out on demand and paying only for the resources you use.

  4. Move to modern architectures while still maintaining SQL consistency. Adopt microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to enable best practices in application development today. 

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"Running T24 Transact on NuoDB's cloud-agnostic distributed SQL database deployed across multiple clouds is enabling us to focus on building revolutionary banking experience in Hong Kong. Working closely with our technical teams, NuoDB & Temenos have partnered with us to deliver next generation technology to meet new & future demands expected from digital banks."

- Eddie Tse, CTO, WeLab

By separating the database query processing and storage layers, NuoDB makes it easy to scale out and address typical application performance bottlenecks at each layer independently.

Now you can scale on-demand with a distributed SQL database that...

  1. Provides applications with a single logical view of the database
  2. Simplifies access with a standards-based SQL interface and ACID guarantees
  3. Scales layers out and in independently:
    • Transaction Engines use an in-memory caching layer to provide fast data access to the application.
    • Storage Managers ensure data durability and provide fast read/write I/O throughput.
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