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Move away from legacy IT infrastructure so you can deliver on customer experience using solutions that allow you to deploy on-prem and in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Challenges with Traditional Architecture

  1. Scalability - Traditional systems can't keep up with the pressures created by their modern, digital front-ends.
  2. Legacy Architecture - Maintaining legacy systems consumes a significant percentage of an IT budget, leaving little room for innovation.
  3. Risk & Complexity - A typical enterprise runs more than 180 applications on legacy infrastructure, creating thousands of points of failure and restricting the ability to deploy new solutions.
  4. Migration Risk - Traditional architectures require risky “lift & shift”  migrations to the cloud, yet still don’t gain on-demand scale out.
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"NuoDB is at the forefront of a wave of SQL database innovation, providing customers such as ourselves with the flexible, scalable database foundation we need to keep pace with the demands of today’s business environment."

- Dassault Systèmes 

Give your customers the experience they want... today and tomorrow

  1. Move existing mission critical SQL applications to modern architectures for truly scalable applications
  2. Build and deploy new SQL applications quickly to meet customer demands
  3. Deploy where, when, and how you want on modern architecture
  4. Empower your developers with self-service database deployment, usage, and operations
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3 Best Practices You Need to On-Ramp to Cloud
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