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Avoid cloud vendor lock-in and maintain agility and flexibility in your technology stack by choosing architecture that enables you to deploy across clouds.

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deploy across clouds
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Span two or more clouds to provide two important capabilities for business-critical applications:

  1. Maximize business continuity: if a cloud service provider (CSP) has a service outage, your application remains online with the other CSP or CSPs
  2. Reduce vendor lock in: if one CSP increases prices or changes functionality, you can stop using that CSP and switch to another one without impacting customers.
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"Running T24 Transact on NuoDB's cloud-agnostic distributed SQL database deployed across multiple clouds is enabling us to focus on building revolutionary banking experience in Hong Kong. Working closely with our technical teams, NuoDB & Temenos have partnered with us to deliver next generation technology to meet new & future demands expected from digital banks."

- Eddie Tse, CTO, WeLab

Select cloud-agnostic, cloud-native technology, so you can: 

  1. Be prepared for evolving regulatory requirements by selecting solutions that run in any cloud and across multiple clouds  
  2. Deploy applications using microservices, containers, and Kubernetes and run across multiple clusters and clouds
  3. Choose how, when, and where you deploy your applications based on your organization’s needs
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NuoDB Partners with Rancher Labs to Deliver a Cloud-native SQL Database Across Multi-Cloud Environments for Hong Kong FinTech Leader WeLab
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