Stay Ahead of Changing Banking Regulations

Navigating complex cloud-related banking regulations can be a significant challenge for financial institutions dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and innovating while improving profitability.

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Banking Compliance

Many regulatory concerns relate to database management systems (DBMS) and the data that they  store and manage. A distributed SQL database can be deployed in multiple configurations to address regulations as they evolve.

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Does Your Organization Face These Challenges?

  1. Adapting to digital disruption in the financial services industry
  2. Responding quickly to changing government regulations
  3. Evaluating data privacy and data residency requirements in public cloud deployments
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"Running T24 Transact on NuoDB's cloud-agnostic distributed SQL database deployed across multiple clouds is enabling us to focus on building revolutionary banking experience in Hong Kong. Working closely with our technical teams, NuoDB & Temenos have partnered with us to deliver next generation technology to meet new & future demands expected from digital banks."

- Eddie Tse, CTO, WeLab

Deploy in Multiple Configurations

Active/Active in Multi-cloud
Allows a single logical database to span multiple cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure).

Active/Active Hybrid
Spans an on-premise datacenter and a public cloud. Data can stay on-premise while cloud processing can be used for burst capacity. Or configure a fault-tolerant system that can survive the data center or a public cloud outage.

Active Public Cloud System with On-Prem Disaster Recovery (DR)
Stores a copy of the data in a datacenter to meet some regulations, while the banking system functions in the cloud.

Active/Active On-Prem
Delivers the most resilient architecture on-premises and modernizes your architecture for an inevitable move to public cloud. Be ready to make the move on your timeline.

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