Next-Gen Banking with NuoDB

Banking customers expect applications to be easy to use and available 24/7/365. To deliver on these expectations, banks need cloud-native systems that are scalable and continuously available.

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4 Key Database Capabilities for Next-Gen Banking: 

  1. Continuous Availability
    Continue operating even in the face of hardware, software, and network failures. With the right DBMS, your banking applications in the cloud are resilient and available.
  2. Scalability
    Consume and de-provision cloud resources on-demand. Scale out and in on demand to lower TCO and use cloud resources efficiently.
  3. SQL Transactions
    Support the same APIs and behaviors as traditional databases, so you can retain skilled staff and simplify application porting.
  4. Environment Agnostic
    Deploy in your environment of choice, including containers, bare metal, virtual machines, and public and private clouds. Deploy in hybrid environments by spanning from on-prem to cloud, or across multiple datacenters, availability zones, or clouds.
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"Our partnership with NuoDB is strategic and strengthens our commitment to ensuring that our banking clients running Temenos software benefit from scale-out simplicity, elasticity and continuous availability and that they can ultimately maximize the benefits of their shift to the cloud.”

- Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos

Why NuoDB distributed SQL for banking applications? 

  1. Scalability
    Scale out and in based on real-time demand, without stopping database services or over-provisioning your relational database management system (RDBMS).
  2. Availability
    Perform rolling upgrades and withstand potential failure at all levels—of a process, a host, or a data center—while maintaining application availability. With built-in redundancy, your application will remain online and available. 
  3. Flexibility 
    Run in your environment of choice: on-premises, in containers, in public or private clouds, in a hybrid cloud deployment, or across multiple clouds. Choose the right database to deploy where you want, when you want, and how you want.
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